Eat Street Markets

In my opinion, every hungry Brisbanite should know about Eat Street Markets – night food markets near the river in Hamilton on every thurs-Sunday night from 4pm.

A food lovers paradise in the form of dozens of converted shipping containers strewn with fairy lights, it’s one of the first places me and my partner ventured to when we moved to Brisbane. We have since spent numerous nights strolling around the markets, drink in hand, listening to the live music, watching the sunset and attempting to sample every type of food on offer – no mean feat by anyone’s standards.

You are presented with a dazzling array of deliciousness – from Greek to Mexican to Vietnamese and almost every other cuisine you can imagine! My personal faves so far: the chicken corn shallot quesadilla from the Coffee Caboose is totally delicious – creamy, cheesy, with a fresh avocado salsa on top, mmmmm drool. Chocolate drizzled strawberries aren’t to be missed from The Chocolate Fountain either, simple but awesome. Everyone should try one of the offerings from the Chocolate Komberry Co – they sell cronuts, milky buns and lots of other goodies.

At $2 entry to the markets, it’s a cheap and fun weekend activity, but maybe not so waistline friendly…












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