Kwan Brothers

After a month or so of living in Brisbane, me and my boyfriend realised that we had yet to venture to the notorious “valley” area for a night out. So we donned our glad rags and set out for the temptations of fortitude valley.

We started off at a restaurant called Kwan Brothers: “Inspired by the hawker markets of Singapore, the night markets of Hong Kong, the Izakayas of Tokyo and the street carts of Bangkok.” This place takes kitsch to a whole new level – you walk in through a rolling warehouse door to be greeted with blaring 80’s anthems. No reservations here, we got lucky and were squished on to the end of a big table.

Starting with cocktails, we ordered the crispy fried school prawns (I was not a fan because they are fried with the shell still on, but not a problem for T who wolfed the whole lot down). Then we had the “pork bao bao yippie yo yippie yay” – pretty much just because of the name. Turned out to be completely delicious and by far my favourite dish. Then we shared barbecued beef short rib with jasmine rice. Neither of us thought much of this dish, the ribs were dry, the rice plain and it was all just a bit meh.

I would definitely come back to this place for drinks but I wasn’t blown away by the food.

After dinner we (me) tottered to the nearest bar which happened to be right next door in the form of the Alfred and Constance Tiki Bar. Go up some steps from the street and find yourself In a tropical party. In the spirit of things I promptly got myself a whole pineapple filled with piña colada… When in Rome?

We really liked the whole Alfred and Constance complex of bars,but left to continue our search of the strobe lights of the valley. After a few minutes walk the clothes became more revealing, the crowds rowdier, the bars louder and we found ourselves in the centre of the valley. Getting into it, we went to the closest bar and stumbled out around 1am and into the kebab shop next door. Classy huh!

All in all a good night out, but the valley is definitely for a younger crowd, I’m getting too old for this…







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