The French Twist

A little post on one of my favourite breakfast spots in Brisbane – the French twist at Petrie barracks.

A stylish French themed cafe, it’s been packed every time I’ve been and for good reason. From handmade pastries to a huge selection of mouth watering macaroons, to homemade quiches and lots of gluten free goodies, this place is a foodie paradise.

Their breakfast menu is perfect. I’ve sampled the smoked salmon, avocado and spinach on sourdough with poached eggs which was delicious. I’ve also tried their amazing French toast with banana, Nutella, strawberries and caramel sauce. Heaven for those with a sweet tooth!

One of my favourite parts of the French twist is their drinks menu – fresh juices, coffee and all the usual suspects. The real star of the show in my opinion is their selection of iced teas – they come in a cute mason jar and are decorated with fresh fruit that is more a work of art and a meal in itself than a garnish. If you visit, please order the iced tea, you won’t regret it!






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