The Big Bash

Having never been to watch cricket before I was a tad dubious when T told me we were going to the Big Bash cricket at The Gabba one Sunday evening.

But always interested to try something new, we set off. Looking for a little social lubrication we stopped off for a drink at the Pineapple before the match which was super busy. After a quick tipple we joined the crowds pouring towards the stadium.

I was expecting it to be boring – quiet, stuffy, long and a big old yawnathon. How wrong I was! Big bash cricket is fast (20 overs for each team), with loud music, pyrotechnics, alcohol, kiss cam, dancers and much more. I loved it and had so much fun!

The best bit? Rocketman! I thought T was taking the piss when he grinningly told me Rocketman would fly across the stadium at half time, turns out he was telling the truth. Rocketman zoomed around the stadium propelled by a jet pack on his back. I sound like a child but it was honestly very cool haha.

We’ve been a couple of times now – brisbane vs Adelaide and Brisbane vs Sydney. My one tip? If you have a killer hangover avoid this place like the plague. I made that mistake and regretted it for every single agonisingly loud moment!







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