Mt Coolum

Seems like I must really love mountains hey?! Haha.

Anyway this outing was T’s idea. Come on Kate let’s climb a mountain this morning, the views will be amazing and it means you don’t have to go to the gym today. Sold! Plus I googled it and “mountain” seems like a bit of a stretch, I reckon even I can manage it.

We drive the hour and a half to Coolum, find a parking space and set off. As usual in Queensland it’s hot so I am just wearing shorts and a Tshirt with my phone in my pocket. Off we go!

Straight away it’s pretty steep. I’m huffing and puffing away while T is leaping up like a bloody mountain goat. I reassure myself with the thought that it’s not that far to the top. After about 5 mins of walking the heavens opened. And I mean really opened – torrential rain, wind and hail. Yes hail in Queensland whilst climbing a mountain. Who’s bright idea was this? Within seconds I am totally soaked through, staggering blindly on and thinking my eyebrows are doing a piss poor job of keeping water out of my eyes or whatever their supposed function is. Eventually (about half an hour) we reach the top and I look like a bedraggled rat. Admittedly the views are fantastic despite the crappy weather. Some kind stranger caught me and T mid kiss at the summit on camera and came over to get my details to send it to me which I thought was really sweet!






We stagger back down again trying to avoid the gushing water making things a bit precarious. After a quick juice stop we head to the nearby town of Peregian Beach to grab some lunch. We went to one of my favourite chains called Raw Energy – I had the breakfast burrito (fried eggs, 4 bean mix, cheese, avo and bacon) but I gobbled it down before I had the chance to take a photo. Raw energy is one of those places where everything looks delicious so you can’t go far wrong.

After lunch we went and laid on the beach for a while in the sunshine before heading back to Brissy.



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