Straya Day!

This year Australia Day fell on a Monday, so like many people we decided to celebrate (get drunk) on the Sunday so we could have Monday to recover from all the ahem celebrating…

We decided to head into Brissy for “a couple of drinks”. Me, T and his brother and sister started off at The Normanby Hotel. The Normanby is a pretty awesome location with a big beer garden, food and live music. We stayed here for a few drinks and some pizza but after a few hours in the sun (38 degrees) we set off in search of some air con.

This led us to Iceworks in Paddington, where they had some good bands playing and we stayed here a while to cool down. By this point the day was escalating far past a couple of drinks and was turning into a bar crawl.

Next stop was The Regatta Hotel. Gorgeous place, loved the decor. Also had live music on. Got some more drinks and some snacks to sober us up before moving on again…

Next up was the Newstead Brewery – I don’t drink beer but they had a great cocktail list which I got thoroughly stuck into! We stayed there until closing and I thought the night was over but then someone had the bright idea of going to the valley.

A rather blurry taxi journey and we end up in some bar in the valley with a paddling pool out the front and a fairly questionable clientele. I think all of us were pretty far gone at this point! An hour or so later I decided enough was enough and demanded we go get some fast food and go home. We started at 1pm and finished about 1am, miraculously I felt fine the next day.

Apparently my drunken state means I didn’t take many photos, so I’ll supplement with a photo of my breakfast the next day – healthy banana pancakes (2 eggs mashed with 1 banana) made unhealthy by layering with Nutella and strawberries on the side. Yum!





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