Little Pawpaw Cafe

Chances are if you live in Brisbane, you’ve heard of the Venzin Group; the creators of popular cafés PawPaw and Picnic among others.

More recently they opened their latest offering in Kedron in the form of Little PawPaw. Being close to home we decided to pay them a lunchtime visit and see what the fuss was about!

Located in a residential area in Kedron, the cafe is small with all seating out the front. Set up is cute and the weather was perfect for alfresco dining.

I decided I wanted the pancakes off their specials board but was then told they weren’t doing those, not sure why they were up on the board? We were also told that they didn’t have any cold drinks available because their drinks fridge was broken. I’m no cafe manager but surely they had another fridge on the premises (for food) and they could have put a selection of drinks in there to chill?

So I ordered the buttermilk chicken burger with shoestring fries and an iced chocolate (apparently they could provide this chilled) and T ordered the pawpaw ciabatta and a latte.

My drink came and then the food but still no sign of the coffee. Eventually we asked a waitress who apologised and said they had forgotten about it, and went to make it. I would like to say the cafe was not busy at all and they seemed to have a surplus of staff.

The burger came with thick cut fries not shoestring as advertised and the salad in the burger was full of mint which completely overpowered all other flavours in the food. T liked his ciabatta and I wished I had that instead!

Overall neither of us were impressed with Little Pawpaw and get the feeling it might be trading on the reputation of it’s brothers and sisters. Wouldn’t go back which is a shame because it’s nice and handy.



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