Sushi Samba London

Back in October, me and Ellie decided we needed a girls day out before my departure down under. So I braced myself against the elements and headed into London on a very cold and rainy day for some girly shenanigans!

We started off with some bubbles at Dirty Martini in Bishopsgate and caught up on all the gossip.





When the bubbles ran out, we realised it was time for dinner. Sushi Samba is located on the top floors of the Heron Tower, so to get to the restaurant you must zoom up the side of the tower in a glass lift – beware if you have vertigo! The restaurant itself is quite small, so most tables have wonderful panoramic views of London.




The menu is tapas style small plates, and we were advised to order 3 plates each, which turned out to be more than enough! I went for the shrimp tempura (huge serving and totally delicious), the crispy wagyu taquitos (warning – this is raw beef but tastes great), and the sasa samba roll.






All the food we had was wonderful, 3 plates each was plenty, and it didn’t cost a fortune so I would definitely come back here. The views alone warrant a return!




After dinner we weren’t quite done for the day, so headed to a secret local watering hole. The mayor of scaredy cat town is a bolt hole accessed through the fridge (yes fridge) of the Breakfast Club in Spitalfields. When you enter the restaurant you have to ask to see the mayor, and if successful the fridge door will swing open revealing a passage leading to the worst kept secret in London. The bar itself is small so go early or you might not get in! I’ve been a few times and the novelty hasn’t worn off yet.



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