Michael Wignall at The Latymer

To celebrate my little brother’s graduation, we went for a family dinner at The Latymer restaurant at Pennyhill Park Hotel in Surrey.The chef Michael Wignall has earned the restaurant 2 Michelin Stars, so I was excited to see what the experience would be like.

We all got dressed up, caught a taxi to the hotel and started dinner with some champagne in the hotel gardens while the sun was setting. There was a wedding on that evening so me and mum had a giggle admiring the bride and judging all the outfits!


There were two options for dinner – the 7 or 10 course tasting menu. We opted for the 7 course but it ended up being more like 10 with all the wonderful extras they bought out! I can’t for the life of me remember what all of the courses were, but just feast your eyes on the photos below.

Every single thing we ate was amazing, and the beauty of tasting menus is that they force you to eat things you may not usually go for. I have since returned here for lunch and was not disappointed, this restaurant gets a huge thumbs up. Perfect for a special occasion, your wallet may take a punishing but it will be worth it!









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