Alcove Cafe and Deli, Wilston

I somehow managed to cajole T out of bed in time to catch breakfast at our favourite local cafe, Alcove in Wilston.

This place is super cute, all tables are outside the front and it has a European sort of vibe. We have repeatedly returned here because the food is reliably great, and we are trying to make our way through the menu.

I went for an iced chocolate and the pancakes with maple bacon and ice cream. Judge me not, I’ll be paying for it at the gym later! As delicious as this was, I think the chocolate and pancakes combo was a sweetness overload even for me.



T had the alcove breakfast which includes sourdough toast, poached eggs, bacon, sausage, halloumi, and chilli jam. Apparently it was great but it disappeared pretty quick so I didn’t get a look in unfortunately.


Alcove does lunch as well as breakfast and is open 7 days. Recommend if you’re over on the northside, we will certainly be back again.


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