Burger & Lobster, Soho

One of the more talked about restaurants over the past few years, Burger and Lobster restaurants have now popped up all over London. Surprisingly it’s not just a gimmick, the food is delicious!

The menu is small – either burger and fries, lobster and fries or the lobster roll. Whenever I have been, we order one burger and one lobster, and if you ask they will half them for you so you each get half a burger and half a juicy lobster, best of both worlds!

The cocktail menu isn’t half bad either…


I always get all the trimmings for the burger – cheese, bacon, the whole shebang. The burger is juicy and yummy, on a brioche bun which is my fave. The lobster comes with a jug of heavenly garlic butter which is the best for dipping your chips in. The mains also come with a really tasty side salad.





I have only been to the Soho restaurant – located on Dean Street it’s ideally placed near lots of bars for an after dinner drink, definitely worth a visit.

On this occasion, me and my friend Elle wandered over to the Foundation Bar in Covent Garden for some “dessert”. Some of the cocktails are served in tea pots, and are accompanied by English biscuits. Biscuits + cocktails = happy Kate!





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