Touristy Weekend in Brissy

This weekend we decided to cross a few things off our Brisbane must-visit list, starting with a trip to Eagle Street Pier on Friday night.

Eagle Street Pier is located in the CBD right on the river and is a favourite spot for after work drinks. Tons of restaurants and bars with an amazing view of the story bridge. Worth a visit but hard to find a seat on a busy Friday night!



I woke up on Saturday feeling a bit worse for wear so spent the morning in bed feeling sorry for myself. Eventually I managed to get up and showered ready for the afternoons activity – the xxxx brewery tour. Not my finest idea to visit a brewery with a stinking hangover… But I manned up, donned my attractive high vis jacket and safety goggles and trooped around the brewery with T. It was actually a lot of fun and I felt semi human by the time we finished, it might have been the beer tasting that helped!




The brewery tour was good – not as well done as the Guinness factory in Dublin but still a fun activity in Brisbane.


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