Tangalooma Island Resort

To cap off our touristy weekend, we spent the day at Tangalooma Island Resort on Moreton Island.

To get to the resort, you take a ferry from Holt Street Wharf in Brisbane which takes roughly an hour, and docks right in front of the resort.

We went on the dolphin adventure package which was a birthday gift from T’s sister – it included the return ferry crossing, use of the resort, lunch, desert safari adventure, and wild dolphin feeding.

When we arrived we went straight to the beach and ran into the crystal clear waters to cool off.




After an hour of swimming and sunning it was time for lunch. There was 3 options – 2 cafe style and one Chinese. Chinese for lunch didn’t make sense to me on such a hot day so we opted for the beach cafe. I got breaded fish, chips and salad and T got the burger. The food was actually pretty good despite the somewhat rundown appearance of the “cafe”.

Straight after lunch it was time for our desert safari tour. We all jumped on one of the souped up buses and headed into the national park to find the desert. Once we arrived at the dunes, it was time for the main event – sand boarding! When we had managed to climb the dune in the burning sun, we donned our super sexy goggles, clambered onto our boards, to be unceremoniously pushed off the edge of the incredibly steep dune! Wow this was SO much fun!




Needing to cool off, we spent the rest of the afternoon back at the beach, enjoying the clear, calm waters. After a while we retreated to the shade of a little palm, and soaked up the rays of the setting sun with some ice cold drinks.






We finished our wonderful day with wild dolphin feeding. We lined up on the beach after sunset with the resort staff and watched as 11 wild dolphins swam right up to us and ate fish from our hands. I have fed and swam with dolphins in captivity in the past but it was really special to see these friendly creatures in their natural environment. They were so playful and gentle, it was an amazing experience.






All in all we had the best day. The resort itself is a bit dated and in need of some serious TLC, but the facilities are brilliant and we are already planning our next trip!


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