Duck and Waffle, London

Duck and Waffle is the other restaurant located in the Heron Tower in London. I went here with some of my Uni friends for a farewell dinner before leaving for Oz.

As with Sushi Samba, booking is essential – I’ve tried to book months in advance before and had no luck! Taking up the 40th floor of the tower, it is the highest restaurant in the UK and the views are unparalleled. We came for dinner but they are open 24hours, so you can pop in après-club or for a peaceful early breakfast among the clouds.




Excuse the awful photos, the restaurant is very dark! I started with the (enormous) Scotch Bhadji – a huge scotch egg surrounded by onion Bhadji. Sounds bizarre, tastes great!

For main we shared a few dishes, including the duck and waffle, naturally. Crunchy hot waffle topped with crispy confit duck leg, fried duck egg, and delicious mustard maple syrup. Deeeeelish! As with a lot of great food, it disappeared too quickly for me to snap a photo, oops.

Here’s a few snaps of our descent into drunkeness instead…






The prices were really reasonable, and we spent a lot less than we thought we would, despite the copious amounts of wine! A fun place to come, the food is good but not amazing, it’s more about the novelty.


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