PawPaw Cafe

We woke up Saturday morning and T wanted to go out for brunch. Despite our average experience at Little Pawpaw, having seen the pawpaw food porn on Instagram we decided to give it’s big sister PawPaw Cafe a visit. 

We arrived at about 10:30am and had to queue for a table for about 10 minutes then when we were seated we were told it would be a 40 minute wait for our food… We decided to stay having waited for a table but couldn’t figure out why a well established popular cafe wouldn’t be able to serve their customers in a normal timeframe? Surely if you know it’s going to be busy you take on more kitchen staff? Anyway…

Our drinks arrived quickly thankfully – I had ordered an iced chocolate hoping it would fill me up a bit while we were waiting for the food, totally worked! 

One thing that disappointed me was that they dont offer fresh juices, the cold pressed bottled juice you can see in the photo was nice but not really the same. 

Food-wise, me and T both ordered one of the specials, PawPaw Benedict – homemade thyme hash brown with serrano ham, poached eggs, asparagus and paprika hollandaise. It was completely delicious and really filling so more than made up for the wait. 

The menu was great and I have a mental list of other things I want to try there so I will be returning. Overall a much better experience than Little PawPaw! Recommend for brunch if you’re in the woolongabba area. 


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