Moving to Australia

How did I end up living in Brisbane? If you’d asked me a couple of years ago I would have laughed at you, it was so completely off my radar. 

It all started with an impromptu trip down under with my friend ellie. I decided to join her on the Australia leg of her solo travels so we spent 6 weeks backpacking down the east coast of oz. 

First stop was Cairns – we stayed at Gilligans obvs. Our first night involved a huge amount of drinking, dancing on tables, sombreros, tuk tuk races, sunrise at the lagoon and a great deal I can’t remember. One thing I do remember was meeting an amazing guy and talking for hours and having a stupid amount of fun… So T enters my life. 

He was also staying at Gilligans so we saw him again the next night but then he was off home. We kept in touch messaging and the odd expensive phone call and pretty soon we were talking all day every day. 

A few months later I was home and he flew over to the UK for a long weekend (swoon) which just confirmed everything we were feeling. Then I made a trip back to Aus and we holidayed in Thailand – that’s when we decided I would move over to Australia. Not an easy choice to make but the long distance thing gets old quickly. 

Fast forward to November 2014 and I’ve packed up my life and am saying some very tearful goodbyes to my family and friends. Goodbye when you don’t know exactly when you’re going to see someone again is incredibly difficult. I found myself having a Bridget Jones moment crying in a toilet cubicle at Heathrow airport… 

Ahem in hindsight I may not have needed to bring so many clothes 😂

Arriving in Brisbane was so exciting, mainly because it had been months since me and T had seen each other but also because I was raring to see our shiny new house! 

The first few weeks/months were a blur of exploring new places, frantically trying to furnish our house on a budget, meeting people and generally trying to settle into normal life. Now it’s march and I’ve been here 4 months… Does it feel like home? No. Will it ever? I’m not sure – to me, home is where my mum is! 

We are pretty settled in our routine now and are very happy in our home together. Mum and Dad are coming over very soon so I am massively excited to see them. I keep getting asked what I will do when my 1 year visa expires, will I apply for a permanent visa or will we move to the UK? Right now I’m not sure, it’s a big decision and I’ve got another 8 months in which to decide, ask me again then!


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