Weekend in Victoria

A few weekends ago, me and T flew to Melbourne for a wedding of a couple of his good friends. 

The older I get, the worse I get with flying, and last time we flew I almost had a full on panic attack. So this time I went armed with a plan! A full tin of rescue remedy pastilles, meditation music on the iPod and some new books to keep me distracted. I would like to say it worked but it was a really smooth flight so that was probably why I stayed calm. Any advice on how to get over a fear of flying (turbulence) would be appreciated!

The wedding was out in rural victoria where T grew up, in a gorgeous location on the Murray river called Paradise Gardens. The ceremony was small and intimate and of course the bride looked gorgeous. I forgot my camera so ended up with a total of one photo from the wedding! 

So here’s a few photos that I pinched from a friend. 

As you can probably tell, things escalated and we both woke up with very sore heads so spent most of the next day recuperating… Aka eating. 

On Sunday having recovered completely we headed to the nearby town of Echuca for lunch at The Shamrock hotel – famous for it’s 101 parmy menu! I opted for the carbonaraparma but was tempted by the parmageddon which is 5 chicken parmies…

T took me to the local wildlife park and I got my first koala experience since I’ve been in australia! This is my new friend Kay

We also went our for a nice dinner at an italian in echuca with T’s mum and dad and then home for an early night ready for our flight in the morning. 

I love visiting where T grew up, it’s so nice to get away to the country for a weekend, you can’t help but become immediately relaxed. 


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