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It may not be immediately obvious because I don’t post about it on Instagram but I am a gym junkie – in the sense that I work out maybe 6 times a week but only because I have to!

Since moving to Aus, I gained a stone. I blame the first few months of living like kings. I have been determinedly trying to lose this weight since jan and I have suceeded in losing a grand total of 4lbs in 3 months…shoot me. Here is my reasoning for said weight gain: 

1) maybe it’s just my boobs, I mean they must weigh a fair bit right? 

2) my brain is probably just getting bigger so I should embrace it 

3) maybe I should get colonic irrigation, I wonder how much weight I could lose from that…

4) it’s probably all just lean muscle from all this exercise 

5) huh so my body fat percentage tells me it’s defo not muscle 

6) whatever I am beautiful and I should love my figure I am a fierce strong woman!

7) wonder how much lipo costs?

Crazy bitch hey!

My workouts vary each day. My week is usually a mix of Body pump, body combat, body attack, spin, Pilates, circuits, body balance, running, PT sessions and my own Cardio/core workouts. This week so far I did a circuits class and then treadmill Monday, day off tues because I felt ill, fat burner circuits and treadmill weds, run on thurs, pump Friday, spinning sat and cardio and core at the gym on Sunday. Phew!

As well as exercising, I use the app myfitnesspal to keep a food diary and monitor my calories. I try to stick to 1200 a day but I’m not too strict if I go over a bit. Weekends I’m not so good, we don’t get takeaways but often go out to eat so I eat more calories then. 

What do I eat? I always start my day with fresh lemon water, muesli with LSA, honey, soy milk and fresh strawberries. I love it and it fills me up until lunch. For a weekend brekky I make banana pancakes (1 banana 2 eggs) and have them with Nutella and strawberries, yum! 

Lunch is pretty random, either leftovers from dinner or a homemade soup or a wrap or something. I always cook myself, never get ready-meals. 

Dinners vary – fish and veg, steak and veg, roast chicken dinner, cottage pie with sweet potato, chicken salad, tacos, parmy and veg, rissotto, fried rice, etc. I try and limit the carbs in dinner so usually substitute potato for something like swede or parsnip or sweet potato. If I know I’m having a carby dinner I will have a light lunch and vice versa. Apart from the weight loss aspect, I try and limit my carbs because they bloat me like no ones business. I’m talking 6 months pregga bloat, it’s not fun.

Snack-wise I’ve been pretty good lately at just snacking on fruit or nuts. If I have a sweet craving after dinner I will have a chopped up banana with some custard mmmmmmm! 

I take a daily multivitamin, omega oils and a vitamin d supplement. I have probiotic and digestive enzymes to help with the bloating but I always forget to take them. 

I feel like I eat well and certainly exercise enough but am just finding it super hard to lose this weight. This makes no sense as Instagram tells me if I go to the gym and eat stuff like acai bowls then I will look like a supermodel?! No fair. Anyways I just thought I’d share this because a lot of women struggle with their weight and I hope this resonates with some of you! 


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