Where to start… best. holiday. ever.

My incredibly generous parents took me and T away for a week of absolute luxury at Qualia Resort on Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef. This is us (me) being goofily excited on the flight!


We arrived at the island airport (direct flight from Brisbane) and were greeted immediately by the resort staff, cool bottles of water and cold flannels. This was our first taste of the unparalleled service you can expect from the team at Qualia.

We were then whisked to our private air-conditioned car and headed off, oohing and aahing at the incredible ocean views along the way. The island is teeny tiny so it only took about 5 minutes to get to our final destination…paradise.

Upon arrival at Qualia we were presented with icy glasses of Charles Heidsieck champagne and told to make ourselves comfortable in the lobby. We sat, sipping our bubbles, marvelling at the views, looking longingly at the infinity pool, and being topped up regularly.

img_3234 img_3236


Once we had checked in and been given the keys to our golf buggies (eek!), we zoomed off to find our rooms. I use the term room loosely, as each room is a standalone pavilion. Boy oh boy what a pavilion she was! Huge cushy king-size bed, spacious lounge, huge bathroom with freestanding tub (yes please), and a private deck with the most unbelievable views out over the water. We couldn’t see any other pavilions from ours,and the privacy was something we took full advantage of!


We spent a large portion of that afternoon drinking more champagne, dancing on the deck, snuggling in the bath robes, and pinching ourselves at the beauty of the place. That evening we headed off for dinner with mum and dad at one of the hotel’s restaurants – Pebble Beach, feeling slightly tipsy and very very happy.

Me and tim pebble beach me and tim long pavilion


Sat right next to the beach, the water illuminated by the light of the moon, we ate and drank ourselves silly before whizzing back to our palatial digs. Having never driven a golf buggy before, it was quite a novelty!

mum and tim first night mum and dad golf buggy


We finished the night on our balcony, gazing at the stars, and thinking how lucky we are.


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