Island Living

As day broke on our third day on Hamilton Island, we opened the curtains, stretched out in our huge bed, and just lay for a while taking in the view. Although I was reluctant to leave our little nest, we had important things to do – eat breakfast, sun ourselves, and be pampered at the spa.

beach qualia

We spent the morning at the pool/beach, and me and T even tried paddle boarding! I didn’t last long as the currents were really strong, but I didn’t realise how strenuous it would be. Other people make it look so easy, but if it’s windy then it’s a serious workout! I returned to the pool and watched as T took the resort catamaran out for a spin – I was so impressed.

timmky sailing

All that physical exertion had built up a serious thirst….


After lunch, me and mum headed to the spa for some well deserved pamper time. I got a facial and a massage which was divine, and mum got a Coffee Berry Yoga Facial whatever that is!

our roomour deck

Feeling thoroughly blissed out, we headed back to our rooms for a short siesta before dinner. We headed down to the marina for dinner and ate at Manta Ray on the waterfront. Pizza + salad + wine = bellissima!



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