A little boat and a deserted beach

Today we woke up bright and early because Dad had an excursion planned – as Dads do. After piling our plates high at breakfast, we headed down to the beach where our transport was waiting.

We all bundled into the little boat and set off across the high (very calm) seas to our island home for the day!

our little boat

When we pulled up on our deserted beach, the Qualia staff had beaten us there and laid out sunbeds, parasols, towels, and everything else we could need. We decided to bring our own picnic so had picked up a feast from the local bakery earlier that morning.

our beach home cheeky tim

We lazed and snoozed and swam for the next few hours, periodically stopping for sustenance. As the afternoon wore on, the bugs became a bit too much (coupled with a jellyfish sting!) so we sent out an SOS (not really) and our trusty skipper motored out to save us.

me on beach

Keen for a dip in the pool to de-saltify, we headed to Mum and Dad’s epic pavilion and jumped straight into their private infinity pool! We had the best afternoon swimming and drinking wine with daft punk blaring out of the speakers.

private pool m in pool

That evening the four of us went up to One Tree Hill again to watch the sunset, cocktails in hand.

me and tim one tree hill 2nd view one tree hill

It was the most amazing holiday I’ve ever had. Qualia is faultless and I know I will be returning someday. I can’t recommend Hamilton Island enough! We headed back to Brisbane sad to leave, but happy to have been in the first place.


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