We Went to a Party!

This weekend, me and T flew back to Melbourne for his sister’s engagement party. I finished work at 5 and then zoomed straight to the airport and got there in the nick of time! I really really (really) hate flying, even these short flights are torturous for me. But I endured, and then we had the 3 hour drive from the airport, joy. We arrived super late so just fell straight into bed.

This is only the second engagement party I have ever attended (it’s not really a thing in the UK) so naturally I was uber excited and purchased a new outfit – which I didn’t actually end up wearing, oops.

I had it on, but it was very figure hugging so I decided to change at the last minute (literally), but I’m glad I did because I was so much more comfortable in what I ended up wearing – a black leather skirt and white crop top from The Fifth.

They had the party at the Echuca Race Course and it was gorgeous – especially the beautiful cake.

It was so good to see lots of family and friends all in one place, and a lot of bubbly was consumed!

We had the best night and can’t wait for the wedding.

Travelling home with a rather large hangover wasn’t so much fun, I think I’ll need a good few weeks to recover!


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