Christmas in Victoria

Having spent last Christmas up in Brisbane, this year we headed down to Victoria to celebrate with T’s family.

He is from a small rural town and I love going back there as it’s such a nice relaxed atmosphere. We flew down a couple of days before Christmas and just enjoyed catching up with friends and getting in the Christmas spirit despite the heat! We exchanged our gifts before we left rather than lug them all with us – excuse our pathetic christmas tree!

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On Christmas day all of us (T’s mum and 4 siblings and some partners) bundled in the cars and drove over to his Uncle’s house in Shepparton. They had put on an amazing spread and it was so nice to meet some of his extended family. They definitely made me feel really welcome and it was such a good day (despite the standard teary facetime with my family).

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It seems one thing is the same in Australia and the UK – everyone goes out and gets very merry on Boxing Day eve! A bunch of us girls headed to the nearby town of Echuca and had girls drinks all day, which ended up with the boys meeting us, some very interesting dancing, and a lot of shots!


Between Christmas and New Year T had arranged for the two of us to have a little road trip down to the Great Ocean Road. So we woke up the morning after Boxing Day feeling rather fragile, but piled into the hire car and set off! It was a very long drive and I had a very bad hangover so naturally we stopped for an assortment of roadside snacks – pies, chocolate milk, anything I could get my hands on.

Eventually (after some interesting directions from Siri which took us into what felt like Wolf Creek territory) we arrived in Warrnambool where we were staying for a few nights. We explored the town, went driving along the great ocean road, visited the Twelve Apostles, went to some gorgeous beaches, and just acted like tourists for a few days. The area (and weather) was unexpectedly beautiful.

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We stayed at Quality Suites Deep Blue, which looked right onto the beach, and also had beautiful natural thermal baths which we spent a morning lounging in.

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For New Year we headed back to T’s home, and a big group of us drove out to the river and stayed in cabins for a few days. On new years eve we hired a booze barge for the day which was the best fun! We ate, drank, swam, and floated until the late afternoon, at which point we headed back to the cabins and had more drinks sat around the fire. Sometimes the best New Years are the most casual ones.

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We had an amazing time, and packed a lot into our trip! We were pooped by the time we got home, and could have done with a holiday to recover from our holiday.


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