Tuesday Summary

I am always so interested to hear all the details of other people’s day, so here’s a routine Tuesday of mine!

Woke up

Made green juice (pineapple, apple, lime, ginger, spinach)


Get dressed

Chat with T

Drive to work

Cashews for mid morning snackola

Leftover lasagne & salad for lunch – YUM (p.s how cute is my lunch box)

Get home about 5:30 and it’s already pitch black, meh

Reluctantly go for a run with T

Go past the fruit market on the way home, pick up some veggies

Facetime mama

Bath with candle & bath bomb 🙂

Dinner – chicken laksa

TV (Bachelorette, no judgement please)



This is generally the same most weekdays, apart from we definitely don’t run 7 nights a week! I’d love to hear your daily routines! I’m so nosy 😛


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