25 Facts About Me

  1. I’m left handed
  2. I’m 27 years old
  3. I live in Brisbane, Australia
  4. I was born in Burnley, Lancashire, UK
  5. I had to have a maths tutor at school – it was not my forte!
  6. I used to do ballet, piano, musical theatre and singing lessons. I still love all of them and have done some adult ballet recently. I would also LOVE to join a choir in Brisbane, recommendations welcome!
  7. I am a Scorpio
  8. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life career-wise
  9. I crashed my Mum’s car into a bus just after I passed my driving test, whoops.
  10. I met T on the first day of backpacking in Australia after a very painful break-up. I think it was fate!
  11. I dislike most animals apart from the cute small ones, and dogs once I get to know them.
  12. I have a very intense phobia of flying
  13. I have a degree in Biology
  14. My mum is my absolute best friend in the world
  15. I learned French until I was 18 and am just about to start a French course in Brisbane 🙂
  16. I love crappy tv – Kardashians, Geordie Shore, Grey’s Anatomy (not crappy), Real Housewives, etc!
  17. Shopping is my favourite
  18. I can’t WAIT to go home for Christmas (apart from the flight, dreading that)
  19. I am a huge reader, it takes me around 2 hours to read an average book.
  20. I looooveeee candles. No such thing as too many candles.
  21. I used to/still have occasional anxiety. I don’t drink caffeine because of this.
  22. Part of my front teeth are plastic – I broke them by falling off my bike face first onto concrete. Ouch. Funnily T has the exact same thing!
  23. I get the WORST hangovers and it really puts me off drinking
  24. My favourite meal is a chicken tikka masala from the local curry house in the UK. Oz, sorry but you can’t do curries.
  25. My middle names are Amelia Margaret

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