What I Ate Today

Breakfast is boringly always exactly the same every single week day (weekends are a different story) – a homemade green juice. I will admit that this juice is probably a touch too fruit heavy and I should add some more veg, but I literally bloody love it and am loathe to change it! 2 big apples, 1 quarter of a massive pineapple, 1 big lime, 1 chunk of ginger, and a few handfuls of spinach. YUM!


I am a mid-morning snacker, I feel like I’ll keel over if I don’t eat something before lunch, but I limit myself to having either fruit or nuts. Lately I’ve been loving frozen grapes, they taste like lollies!  This week I made the Ashy Bines Real Treat Mix balls in Chocolate, yum!



For lunch I had zuchinni slice – grated zuchinni (or courgette to us Brits), grated cheese, self raising flour, 5 eggs, olive oil, and any veggies you have handy. In this one I used a whole onion, olives, capsicum (red pepper), sweetcorn, and some chorizo. I slice this into four and have a piece for each day with a salad. It’s tasty and super filling!


Dinner was a pitta pizza. One wholemeal pitta topped with tomato puree, cheese, and all the veg you want! I had black olives, red onion, sweetcorn, plum tomatoes, and green capsicum.

I’m always looking for new healthy dinner recipes so all suggestions are welcome! Comment if you’ve done one of these posts, as I love knowing what other people are eating!


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