Healthy-ish Dinners

Every week before I do the grocery shop, I plan our meals for the week and then shop accordingly. This means there is practically no food wasted, and no money going mouldy in the fridge.

I’ve got a list on my phone of my go-to meals, I find that if I don’t record them, I forget all about them. Plus any excuse for a list right? I’m particularly keen on meals that provide leftovers for lunch the next day, lazy oaf that I am.

So I thought I’d share some of my trusty healthy-ish dinner ideas with you all, in the hope that you’ll reciprocate!

  1. Chicken skewers with cous cous and a load of roasted vegetables.
  2. Pan fried salmon with cauliflower puree and asparagus.
  3. Beef tacos using lettuce cups instead of tacos – make the salsa and guac yourself to keep it clean.
  4. Whole roast chicken with Mediterranean bread salad (I could eat this every. single. day. Let me know if you want the recipe!)
  5. Tuna tomato stacks with sweet potato fries.
  6. Sweet potato lasagne.
  7. Sweet potato cottage pie (hmmm, is there a theme here?)
  8. Sweet potato turkey “nachos” – bake circular slices of sweet potato then top with cooked turkey mince, sliced tomato, red onion rings, beetroot slices, spinach, and cheese.
  9. Pan fried turkey breast with wholemeal pittas and salad.
  10. Pitta pizzas – wholemeal pitta topped with tomato puree, cheese and any veg you want.
  11. Homemade chicken schniztel with homemade slaw.
  12. Bolognaise on courgetti.
  13. Chilli con carne with brown rice and avocado on top.
  14. Tuna sweet corn Mayo jacket potato.
  15. Tuna and asparagus rice casserole.
  16. Chicken and chorizo Spanish rice.
  17. Smoked salmon smash – crushed new potatoes and spring onion, topped with smoked salmon and a gooey poached egg.

These are my trusty favourites which I rotate week by week. As you can see, I’m not averse to meat, carbs, or fat! I think it’s more important to choose your carbs wisely – wholemeal pitta over white, brown rice over white, sweet potato instead of white, etc. Also everything in moderation; if I’m having a carb heavy dinner I’ll make sure to have a lighter meal at lunchtime.

I believe that if you try and eat as clean as possible, and ensure that the majority of your food is homemade, you’re going to feel much better. During the week I make everything from scratch, 3 meals a day, unless I get some cheeky sushi on a Friday :P. However all bets are off at the weekend, life’s too short! As my wise Mum once said, “I don’t want to look back and think I could have eaten that”!






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