Retail Therapy

As I mentioned previously, Mum is staying for a few weeks which means oodles of shopping! T doesn’t love to mooch around the shops for hours (shock), so it’s lovely to have a girly shopping partner for a change!

Here are some of the beauty goodies, and yes I have been spoiled 😛

First up, some french supermarket staples Mum picked up for me. We’ve holidayed in France every year for as long as I can remember, so the scent of these products just remind me of summer days at the beach!


Some lovely Molton Brown Rhubarb and Rose handwash, and Coco and Sandalwood linen spray. I die. These scents are everything.


I stocked up on my fave Liz Earle products – Superskin Moisturiser and Toning Facial Spritz thingo. Liz Earle always give amazing freebies too, perfect for travelling!


Kiko Tattoo Rose nail polish because Pinterest.


YSL Manifesto deodorant – smells beautiful and it’s aluminium free to boot.


Essano Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner. These smell divine, are sulphate and paraben free, and no, you can never have enough shampoo or conditioner.


NAK Structure Complex No. 3 – similar to Olaplex, my hairdresser recommended it so I’ll let you know what I think! Smells like grape soda, yum.


I’ll save the make-up for another post, otherwise we’ll be here for hours! It’s safe to say Brisbane’s economy will be booming for the next few weeks.


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