Miss Kay’s

Miss Kay’s is an American burger joint in Brisbane CBD, we’ve been a few times now and the words “best burger of my life” may have been uttered. 

So imagine my surprise and happiness to find out they recently opened a second location much closer to where we live!

After some late night shopping, me, mum and T joined the queue and ordered a whole lotta goodness! 

Mum went for the classic cheeseburger, T opted for the MK Special, and I had the same as always – the Ludakrisp. Crispy fried chicken in a soft brioche bun with creamy slaw and bbq sauce, drool! 

We also ordered dirty fries, standard fries and onion rings to share. 

Sadly the food was nowhere near as good as the original location. The fries were all cold, the buns had been toasted for too long and seemed almost stale, the dirty fries had barely any toppings, and my burger wasn’t even nice (I ate less than half), let alone “the best burger of my life”. 

This could be due to the fact that it’s a new restaurant and they’re still finding their feet, but I’m not inclined to return in a hurry! 


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