Prova Pizzeria

Lately we’ve been trying more local restaurants, so one cold (well, 20 degrees is cold for Brisbane) and rainy Friday night we headed for Prova Pizzeria in Stafford Heights.

Run by Italians, it’s a properly authentic pizzeria – loud and busy, the air permeated with the scent of garlic. Fine dining this aint, but it’s a great spot for a casual dinner.


Sadly as they only recently opened, they don’t yet have their liquor licence, so no glass of white for me (sob), I went with San Pellegrino instead. The wiser folks around us had bought their own alcohol as you can currently BYO.

The menu is small and succinct, we went straight to pizza, but watched enviously as the anti-pasti platters were served to the group next door, we will have to try it next time.

I had the pizza Primavera – tomato, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, rocket, parmesan, evoo and prosciutto. I loved the freshness of the cherry tomatoes and the rocket against the richness of the pizza. Hot pillowy dough with salty stringy mozzarella hot from the pizza oven – delish.


T went for the Capricciosa – tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms, ham, artichokes and olives.


We also ordered the focaccia but really didn’t need to, so took it home with us. Is there anything better than cold pizza the day after? I think not.


If you’re looking for a tasty but casual feed in the northern burbs of Brisbane then Prova is the place!  I would definitely recommend booking as it was totally packed with lots of people waiting for tables.

We’ll be back to sample some more delights soon I’m sure!


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