Doughnut Time

To my delight, legendary Brisbane bakery Doughnut Time has opened its doors just down the street from our home!

I had always lusted over those drool inducing Instagram snaps, but the ubiquitous queue always put me off.

So on Saturday night, after a terribly sensible home-cooked dinner, I couldn’t hold out any longer, and dashed out of the door on a mercy doughnut dash (the best sort).

Look how CUTE this place is, it’s like they designed it to be instagrammable…

I plumped for the classic Nutella filled doughnut, and T had the Ferrero Rocher one. A word of warning – the Nutella donut is only for the truly Nutella obsessed, that is a LOT of chocolate!



Undoubtedly indulgent, a perfect weekend treat!


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