My Favourite Candles

The other day I purchased yet another scented candle, and suddenly thought “hmm, I wonder if I have too many candles in the house…”. I looked around from where I was standing in our lounge, and counted 16 candles in my field of vision.

But then I quickly realised I was being ridiculous and shook it off. There’s no such thing as too many candles. I’m not sure that T shares my enthusiasm, but decor is my domain, so he can like it or lump it!

So here is a list of my absolute all time favourite candles:

  1. Trish McEvoy Wild Blueberry Vanilla Scented Candle. I am a touch reluctant to share this, as I have this weird idea that everyone will realise how good it is and there won’t be any left for me! Not cheap but the fragrance is so intense, your whole house will smell divine. Not available in Australia so I’ll be stocking up at Christmas for sure! 
  2. Diptyque Noisetier (Hazlenut Tree to you and me). Again a pricey one, but a deliciously decadent grown up smell, one to impress your guests with. 
  3. Jo Malone Orange Blossom. A beautiful fresh light summery scent, one to burn on a spring day. 
  4. Air Wick Winter Moments. Hold on, don’t judge me yet. I am aware that this is a slightly… less luxurious brand, but it’s Winter here at the moment and this candle just gets me. Warm vanilla, baked pear and pie crust, ahhhh. IMG_1888
  5. Frankie & Co Chai Latte. I’m a fiend for anything chai scented, it’s so sweet and comforting but also a bit musky too. These Frankie & Ko candles are fab, and reasonably priced too. I need to re-stock sharpish! IMG_1887

What are your favourites? I’m keen to expand my collection! xxx


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