I turned 28 and got spoiled rotten!

This weekend was my birthday aka the most anticipated day of the year. But the celebrations certainly aren’t just limited to my actual birthday weekend, I get at least a week out of it. It’s now Monday and I fully intend to treat myself to a naughty lunch instead of the usual healthy stuff.

This year, I didn’t make any suggestions, I just left it in T’s capable hands, and it ended up being the most special birthday ever as he had put so much thought into it.

Birthday weekend began on Friday natch, and T took me to our local Grill’d for a big burger and a glass of wine because I am OBSESSED with that place and could eat it for every. single. meal. A few more glasses of wine followed, but not too many as I was warned to get a good night’s sleep in preparation for the festivities!

Saturday dawned bright and sunny and T told me to pack a bag because we were going away for the night, and warned me that we had to leave by 8:30am as it was a 3.5 hr drive… this baffled me as I couldn’t think of anywhere worth visiting in that radius, but I dutifully packed my bag nonetheless.

8:30am rolls around and I hear T say “Kitten, what’s that outside?” so I run to the window and see the Vino Bus sitting in our driveway! For those of you that don’t know, The Vino Bus is a bus (strange that) that will come and pick you up from Brisbane or the Gold Coast and drive you to Mount Tamborine for a full day of wineries and eating! We had been wanting to do this for ages so that we could both drink instead of one of us being desy driver.

We visited 5 wineries and a distillery (I think – my memories of the day are a tad hazy), had a lovely lunch, sampled too many delicious wines to count, and met some awesome people! If you live in Bris I would highly recommend them, everything was very seamless, and they even provided snacks and water for the drive.

We arrived home at about 6pm and T told me to be ready for dinner by 7:30pm .I threw on my gladrags and heels, and emerged from our Uber onto the red carpet at Customs House in the city! I had never been there before and it was so beautiful. We started with a drink from the Aperol Spritz bar before we were shown to our table with gorgeous views of the story bridge. It was a lovely warm evening, and so nice to sit outside. We started with bread and the most delectable smoked salmon canapes.

For starters I went for the scallops and T had the stick y pork cheek. Both were great but I think I won by a small margin.

For the main course I had the veal medallions with truffle mash, sand crab and vegetables. The meat was beautiful if not a touch too rare for my tastes in the middle, but the sand crab was incredibly dill heavy (yuck). Overall it was a nice dish, but not really fine dining standard.

T had the venison with cabbage and picked vegetables which he really liked. Sadly at this point our phones both died simultaneously so that was it for photos. Feeling stuffed we passed on pudding, and had a nice stroll along the river instead.

Come Sunday morning I tentatively opened my eyes, dreading the hangover that was about to hit me, but to my shock it never came. Miraculously we were both feeling tip-top which we put down to copious amounts of food and a good nights sleep. As we were feeling fresh we went for an early morning walk in the sunshine, with an obligatory Doughnut Time stop for birthday yummies!

I thought we were done, but T had more up his sleeve – he had booked us in for a couples retreat at Stephanie’s Spa Retreat in Brisbane (at the Sofitel). I love love love me a spa day! We arrived and changed into our big fluffy robes and relaxed in the lounge before being taken for our first treatment – the Opal Rasul Steam Temple. A private room or “temple”, you get in, get naked, and cover each other in various muds and masks before relaxing in the steam for an hour, then sluice yourself down in your private candlelit shower suite. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it beforehand, but we both loved this treatment, it was a lot of fun as a couple!

Next up we had a couples full body massage which was utter heaven, then we floated back to the relaxation lounge for tea and chocolates before forcing our putty-like bodies back out into the real world. Not quite ready to face reality, we went for a late lunch and some birthday bubbles at Vapiano in the city. Surely one of the perks of it being your birthday is being able to eat all the carbs and not feel bad about it, right?

I had the classic carbonara because it’s a personal fave, and T had a salami pizza. Once I’d wolfed the pasta down and glugged my Prosec, I was thinking about how spoiled I was when T presented me with yet another envelope! Inside he invited me to extend the celebrations for a night at a beautiful hotel in Noosa and lunch at a beach-side restaurant! I may or may not have teared up a little in the restaurant, I just couldn’t believe the thought and effort that had gone into the weekend – I am one lucky girl.

So although my birthday is officially over, I’ve still got Noosa to look forward to in a few weeks!



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