Elixir Coffee

Elixir Coffee is an unexpectedly great cafe tucked away in the quiet suburban streets of Stafford. As we live nearby, we thought it was our civic duty to go and try it out!

A few weeks ago we picked some friends up from the airport, and decided to visit Elixir on the way back home. Being a sunny Saturday morning it was totally packed, but it’s pretty big so a table freed up in no time.

You know you’ve found somewhere good when you vow to return having only glanced at the menu! There were too many scrumptious sounding things to choose from, but I eventually decided on the Corn cakes with 2 poached eggs, bacon, smashed avo, dukkah, tomato salsa and a balsamic glaze.

Holy effing smokes it was SO good. Definitely one of the best breakfast dishes I’ve had in Australia. Perfect gooey eggs, the fresh tang of the salsa, creamy avocado, bitter balsamic, salty crispy bacon, and pillowy corn cakes. If that description doesn’t tempt you I don’t know what will!

I didn’t take photos of anyone else’s but mine was the star of the show anyway (and I wanted to hurry up and tuck in), and I am already planning my next visit.

Worth a visit if you’re in the Northern burbs, and still relatively unknown Insta-wise, so get in while you can!



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