Shine Skin

I love trying new skincare, so when Shine Clinic in Brisbane released their own medical grade skin range I was thrilled to try the products out! The range has been formulated in collaboration with Dr Kathy Gallagher, and every product was created based on scientific evidence of efficacy.

The line was created for a few reasons:

1) In regards to skincare, there was a lot of evidence to support the efficacy of certain ingredients, but not many ranges actually included all of them. Instead, they use a lot of ingredients that could work in theory, but there’s no evidence to back it up. Shine wanted to use only proven ingredients.

2) In the few ranges that did contain proven active ingredients, the product range was vast, so Shine wanted to create a small but perfectly formed skincare regime, with all the proven active ingredients packed into a few key products.

3) When they looked at some of the existing products on the market, they saw that in among the active ingredients were a lot of buffers, and some of these were cytotoxic substances. Shine Skin wanted to create an effective range using only the best, safest ingredients on the market.

Shine Skin is based on 5 key steps, and then there are additional products for specific skin concerns.

My personalised regime is as follows:

  1. Gentle Cleanser (AM/PM) – a gentle, soap free cleanser, will also remove make-up.
  2. Vitamin C Serum (AM) – a highly stabilised form of ascorbic acid, formulated for optimal penetration of the skin. Vitamin C helps prevent skin damage, and can even reverse some sun damage.
  3. Moisturising Sunscreen (AM) – a physical sunscreen with increased UVA protection. Some ingredients in chemical sunscreens are a bit nasty, which is why they went with a Zinc barrier type of protection.
  4. Active Night Serum (PM) – a chemical exfoliant (AHA’s) to smooth and brighten skin and assist with cell turnover.
  5. Retinal Night Cream (PM) – retinal is a form of Vitamin A, but more easily converted to Retinoic Acid than Retinol, which most products contain. Also contains Vitamin B.
  6. Eye Cream (AM/PM) – a moisturising eye cream with noticeable tightening effect due to the ingredient Syn-Ake.


These are the products I chose based on my skin type and concerns, but they have other variations available such as an Active Cleanser for those wanting a deeper cleanse, a C Serum Lite for those with oilier skin, an intense retinal product for those whose skin is used to Vitamin A, a lightening cream, and a peptide moisturising cream for those needing additional hydration.

They are available to purchase now from The products seen above are travel size, and you can also buy a set of 5 in a travel bag, great for trying new products without committing to the full size version!



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