Home for Christmas!

After 2 consecutive Aussie Christmases it was high time for a proper English crimbo, so me and T packed our bags and set off on the horrendous journey back to the UK for 3 weeks.

Here is me being sleep deprived and angelic (?) at Singapore airport. Don’t ask me what I’m wearing, i was so past the point of caring it wasn’t funny. 

We packed a LOT into our trip so instead of writing an essay, I’ll show you in photos! We had the best time, it was such a special trip for us. I loved being able to show T how we celebrate Christmas at the Higgins household, and it was wonderful to introduce him to my extended family.

First shopping day, first festive hot choc!

Some sporadic photos of our “Not Christmas Shopping Day” which is a tradition with me, my mum and aunty. We go up to London, hit Fortnums, drink champagne, and have a slap up lunch. Any shopping done is strictly frivolous, no trudging around looking for gifts allowed! This time we had a long lunch at Cecconi’s in Mayfair.

Me in my natural habitat.

We had an epic 7 course degustation dinner with paired wines with my whole family at our favourite restaurant called Drakes in Ripley. Sadly I was banned from (or too drunk to) take photos of all the food, but I snuck this one of our dessert, yum!

Me and T went ice skating at the Natural History Museum in London which was so much fun and I highly recommend. After that we met some of my uni friends and went for dinner at Hixter – if you go, try the chicken, magnif.

On Christmas eve we met up with my besties for a few drinks which turned into a lot of drinks as we were celebrating a few things! VERY sore heads all round on Christmas day, not ideal.

Brunch with some of the girls and babies at Bill’s in Farnham.

A visit to one of my best friends who lives in Wokingham with a lot of bubbles and silly games!

My few pitiful NYE photos! We went out with my friends in London and had the best night, but forgot to snap most of it!

Sadly after NYE I was struck down with a sore throat, then wisdom tooth infection, then flu, then sinus infection so spent our last week in the UK in bed! Although my self-imposed house arrest did give me some quality time with Mum and Dad so that’s a silver lining.

It’s now our first week back at work in Oz and we are both struggling with jetlag big time, any tips for how to avoid this in the future?!


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