I’ve Got a Problem…

But as problems go it’s a pretty good one to have – I can’t stop buying beauty products. Some of these are seriously good and have gone straight to HG (holy grail) status, so let’s dive in!

First up, La Bang Body nourish me body oil in the limited edition flavour “SunKiss”. I didn’t know whether I’d be too keen on this oily formula living in such a humid climate, but I totally love it and it smells AMAZING! I can’t stop slathering it on, I smell like a fruity ice lolly which is a thumbs up in my book!


Next, we have the cult-status Alpha-H Liquid Gold. This is essentially an acid exfoliant which you swipe on with a cotton pad before bed and wake up with luminous skin, or so the saying goes. I have heard that this is a product where the results are best seen over time rather than overnight, but I really like it already. I have dry, dehydrated skin, so I need a good exfoliator, and I love how easy it is to use.

It was quite stingy the first time I used it, so I applied some moisturiser over the top to reduce its effect, but now I can use it no problem and not use any other products in conjunction with it. Overall I am impressed and it’s already become a staple in my skincare regime.


While we’re on skincare, let’s talk cleanser. I am loving the Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser. I use this in the shower in the morning after my run, and it gets rid of any sweat and dirt without being too harsh or stripping the moisture out of my skin, which is a problem with a lot of cleansers that I’ve tried. I wouldn’t use this to remove make-up personally, but it’s great for a simple cleanse.


My last new skincare addition is really a replacement for an empty – the Shine Skin Retinal Intense Night Cream. I use this Vitamin A cream at night only as it can sensitise the skin to sunlight, but I love its proven anti-ageing qualities. Bridal skincare regime we are a go! If you’ve never used a Vitamin A product before I would recommend starting with a lower retinal/retinol concentration until your skin has built up some tolerance, as it can irritate sensitive skin.


Next up, fake tan. There was always going to be a few of these in here! I had a mad dash to the pharmacy last weekend as I had run out of tan before the weekend, disaster. To my shock, they had sold out of my trusty dark Bondi Sands lotion, so I was forced (dramatic) to revert back to old faithful Loving Tan, crisis averted. I do love this stuff and recommend it, but it’s more of a red-based tan as opposed to the olive-base which I prefer.


To soften the blow I grabbed two other tanning products while I was there – the Bondi Sands gradual tan foam, and the Sugar Baby Bronze Radiance Lotion. I am quite keen on the Bondi Sands gradual foam as it’s colourless, so can be applied in the morning before work which is a big bonus for T as he hates me coming to bed all sticky and fake tanned. I haven’t tried the Sugar Baby stuff yet so stay tuned!



Phew I accumulate a lot of products! For haircare, I purchased the much hyped Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer in the rhubarb and elderflower edition. First and foremost it smells bloody divine, so there’s that. According to Look Fantastic “It’s super moisturising and highly concentrated, smoothing each strand to incredible silkiness. Its elasticising effect improves suppleness, stretchability, strength and shine whilst leaving your hair softer, less brittle, beautifully manageable and lustrous.”

I’ve heard it’s great to use pre-chemical treatment to strengthen the hair, as I get my hair highlighted frequently I’m always looking for hair treatments that can keep it as healthy as possible. I have only used it once so far and I left it on overnight for an intensive treatment. My hair felt (and smelled) lovely but I didn’t honestly notice a massive difference personally. At the moment, it’s not stealing the Olaplex crown, but I’ll persevere and let you know if I change my mind.


OK last one I promise! After hearing every beauty you-tuber extoll its virtues, I surrendered and purchased the Too Faced Born This Way foundation. I used it for a wedding this weekend and… it was ok. Not great, not bad, just alright. I have a flipping huge bottle to get through so I’m hoping it grows on me, but it just doesn’t do it for me at the moment. It’s just a bog standard foundation, similar to Mac Studio Finish if slightly thinner and less cakey in consistency.



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