IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Recently I decided to bite the bullet and go for  IPL skin rejuvenation treatment. IPL stands for intense pulsed light, and it targets any unwanted pigmentation in the skin – for me I have some sun damage and a little discoloration from acne scarring.

You basically get a focused beam of intense light zapped all over your face. Numbing cream is optional so naturally I took full advantage, and even with a numb face I found it quite painful. Not unbearable, as the light is moving after every pulse, but definitely not enjoyable.

I was quite surprised at how red certain areas of my face were immediately after the first treatment – we didn’t think I had much pigment on the cheeks and they came up a lot, whereas we expected a lot of pigment on my nose and forehead, but they didn’t come up much at all.

The redness only lasted an hour or so, and after that my face looked normal, except for all my sun damage and freckles were about 50% darker in colour, some almost black. Sounds scary, but it wasn’t very noticeable, and it was easily covered with make-up.

All the dark pigment flakes away gradually, and 1 week later was all gone. So far I haven’t seen a massive difference, but my pigmentation wasn’t a huge worry for me anyway. They recommend a series of 3 treatments with one treatment a month, so I will post a before and after photo when I’m all done!

I just had my second IPL a few days ago, and so far I haven’t noticed any pigment that has come up darker, although last time it took a good week for that to happen.

I am going to be having regular facial treatments in the lead up to our wedding to get my skin looking its best! I had a mild peel 1 week prior to the IPL at the recommendation of my skin therapist. Let me know if you are interested in hearing more about these treatments!


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